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Student Portal

The student portal, facilitates access to academic information, course details, examination updates, for all students activities.

Admission Portal

The Admission Portal, streamlines the application process, facilitating access for prospective students to apply for various academic programs offered by the university.

Examination Portal

The Examination Portal, Simplified examination process, providing students to access, manage, and track their examination-related information efficiently.

RME Portal

The RME portal, Manages RME registration process and streamline student college migration processes.

Recruitment Portal

The Recruitment Module streamlines hiring processes, managing job postings, applicant tracking, and facilitates the selection of staff and faculty.

Placement Portal

The Placement Module facilitates managing job placement opportunities and profiles for students.

Faculty (Guest ) House

The Guest House Module manages reservations, occupancy, and services for visitors.

Pension Portal

The Pension Module handles pension calculations, and administration for faculty and staff.

Alumni Portal

The Alumni Module maintains Alumni Profile, tracks engagement, and manages communications with former students.

Affiliation Portal

The Affiliation Portal maintain the affiliation process, providing a centralized platform for efficient collaboration between the university and affiliated institutions.

Miscellaneous fee portal

The Misc Fee portal, providing a convenient online platform for students to manage and settle various non-tuition fees effortlessly.


The Conference Module streamlines planning, scheduling, and management of conferences hosted in the University.